Covid-19 Makes Positive Changes in Education & Career

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The burning question of all over the world is Covid-19. Regarding this pandemic, the world has declared a lockdown. To prevent this pandemic the world started home office and online classes which are the most effective changes in Education and career.

Education and career are both important for a country. A country leads by his citizen. Last year because of covid-19 people adapted many ways of education.
For example, before covid -19 nobody can imagine a fully online-based education system. Everybody thinks that without regularly going to school or college no one can acquire knowledge. But, due to covid-19, we find out that every day going to school or college isn’t necessary. Student can acquire knowledge through online classes. At present over 6 million students take part in online classes in the USA. If we see the developed country, they have already gained 100% success in taking online classes. Almost 1.2 billion students all over the world study online. Some research shows that on average students retain 25-60% more material when learning online compared to only 8-10% in a classroom.
Nevertheless, in a short period, Bangladesh also adopted education through technology. It’s an outstanding success for a developing country like Bangladesh. According to the BTRC, there were 93.7 billion mobile internet users and 5.7 million broadband users in Bangladesh. So, our country can take an online class.
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Also, in the budget of the fiscal year 2020-2021, around Tk 66400 crores were allocated for the education sector. This amounted to 11.7% of the total expenditure and a 2.1% share of the GDP. We see that Bangladesh is also successful in taking online classes. The positive action of online classes is the student able to learn faster online, e-learning requires 40-60% less time to learn than in a traditional classroom setting. Because students can learn at their own pace. They feel comfortable. They don’t need to go anywhere. So, they remain safe from coronavirus. Furthermore, students can learn the proper use of technology which’s made them advanced. Even globally people are thinking about permanently started the new method of work from home. Regarding covid-19 people adopting home office for doing the job. So, that’s why the developed countries think about that to make a new way of working. People think that when the pandemic has controlled, the home office will continue permanently. Because they think that it’s better for companies and employee both. Globally people think to set three working day from office and two working days from home. It will be benefited for employees cause when they work at their own pace, they feel comfortable& happy. For this reason, companies also get good profits. So, they think about to do globally available. Every company need their highly profitable business.
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If the employee gets the opportunity of a home office, they will provide good work to their company. It will be a blessing for them. This method has some more advantages like as groups are reduced their expenses such as office rent, food, bills etc. Even it also gives an advantage to the employee. They save their convince and give more attention to work. It’s a great scope for any employee to work at home. Due to pandemic, they can save themselves from covid-19. Also, everybody enables the proper use of technology.
WHO calls for experts for COVID-19 Technical Advisory Group - PAHO/WHO | Pan American Health OrganizationNow all over the world, everything happened with the blessings of technology. For this technology-based home office is very much helpful for all. In the USA, Canada people successfully doing their home-office method. In a recent survey, 65% of respondents reported wanting to be full-time remote employees post-pandemic.In some survey,49% of working mothers and 50% of working fathers are saying that they are more productive working from home. About 75 million employees in the US could work from home. In our country, almost 35% of people work at home. Finally, we said that we gain positive changes in education and career due to covid-19.


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