Our beloved blue planet known as the earth

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Our beloved blue planet known as the earth. The very earth that we live in… Everything that is around us, everything that surrounds us is the part of our nature. From humans to trees, from fish to insects. From carnivores to omnivores. From mammals to vertibrates. Every single creation of our creator is a part of our nature. Our nature has many different faces. The face of the nature depends on the environment. Nature in some parts of the world is hot, somewhere its cold. The diversity of the nature effects the every surrounding thing. The diversity of the nature is what makes this pretty blue planet so beautiful that it’s even beyond our imagination. But day by day we humans are destroying our nature. We are building buildings and factories, building high end vehicles, burning fuel, generating carbon and increasing the greenhouse gas in our environment.

The nature that makes our lives beautiful, we are ruining it due to our negligence. We are so selfish to our own interests that, we to fulfil our needs. Every single day we are killing wild animals, chopping down trees, turning mountains into fields, forests into deserts. Despite knowing the down sides, we are not caring for the devastating effects and it’s outcome. Every single passing day the effects of deforestation is rising. Due to this the greenhouse effect is incredibly increased and the earth’s temperature is rising every single passing day. Due to this, the polar Ice are melting, resulting in an increased sea level. Scientists have predicted that in the near future because of the rising surface temperature of the earth. Many creatures will get extinct. The earth will no longer be the same. Many parts of the earth will get submerged into the sea. So to protect the planet that we are in. We all must come together and take care of our nature to reverse it’s bad effects before it’s too late and the effects are irreversible.


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