9 Food Myths We usually hear but not true

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There are tons of food myths that we hear almost everywhere. These myths are so common in our daily life that we don’t give it a second thought!

Today I will tell you about some of the most heard food myths, which you might’ve already heard. Even if you haven’t heard them yet, you might wonder that people are following these myths in their daily life without even noticing it!

Food Myth 01: Best time to eat fruit:

It’s said, If you want to get the full benefit & nutrition’s of the fruit you should eat it at morning in empty stomach.

Some also says the fruit nutrition value gets decreased if you take around your meal. I mean before or after meal.

But here is also a group of people who’ve faced bloating due to eating fruits at empty stomach. Some even faced diarrhea, stomach ache due to eating fruit after meal.

So, is there any proper timing for eating fruit?

But there is also one more thing we must keep in mind that, our digestion system is strong enough to extract nutrition from all types of food as required.

So, it can be said that, there is basically no best time to eat fruit. But try not to mix it up with your other meals as fruits itself a rich meal.

Also, try to avoid eating fruits before sleeping because it will increase your blood sugar level up.


Food Myth 02: Diabetics causes due to eating too much sweets:

“You have diabetics?

You must’ve eaten too much sweets!”

These lines must be the most heard ones for those who are diagnosed with Diabetics type-2.

Sweets doesn’t cause Diabetics.

Diabetics is a special situation in our body when it’s disrupted to produce enough insulin from the food, for our body to work. Which causes the blood sugar level high?

But every single food that we eat contains sugar. Some is high whereas some is low in sugar. So, we can’t give the entire blame to sugar or sweet products.

But once you’re diagnosed with diabetics you need to control your sugar intake, otherwise it may even cause your life at risk.

So, Here the truth is diabetics is mainly caused due to overeating, lack of exercise and also genetical hierarchy.

It’s proven that those who’ve family history of diabetics type-2, they are prone to get diabetics at the early stage of their life.


Food Myth 03: Fat is bad for health:

We all’ve learned at schools about the seven essential factors of balanced diet: Carbohydrates, protein, fat, fiber, minerals, vitamins & water.

Fat is one of the essential food factors for our balanced diet. How can it be harmful for health? Undoubtedly, it’s just a myth.

Fat helps our body to produce Fatty Acid which our body can’t produce on its own. Healthy fat is helpful for our body to keep it safe from heart diseases & and other chronic diseases.

Despite all these good sides you still can’t eat fat as much as you like.

Every essential food factor comes with a specific portion for specific body structure which matches the required of body. You can’t eat more than it’s required to your body. Not only fat, any of the essential food factors you eat excessively, it will cause harm to your body.


Food Myth 04: Vitamin C will save you from catching cold:

Vitamin C containing foods are greatly helpful for our body as well as immune system. But it has nothing to do with catching cold.

But in other sense, taking Vitamin C supplemented food regularly will boost our immune system which my help us to avoid easily catching cold! Again, remember to avoid eating them from directly out of freeze. This will definitely increase your risk of catching cold.


Food Myth 05: Avoid Egg Yolks for weight loss fast:

Egg yolks are enriched with different nutrients such as vitamin D, choline, and a pigment called lutein. These nutrients are helpful for body. It will also help in your cholesterol level, by preventing the LDL (harmful cholesterol) from raising up.

But the statement about avoiding egg yolk for weight loss is nothing but a myth.

Eating Egg yolks will keep your body full in nutrition, but this nutrition won’t make you gain weight.


Food Myth 06: Frozen vegetables is less Nutrient than Fresh ones:

We are always told to eat fresh vegetables. But in this busy world it’s kind of hard for people to buy fresh vegetables every day.

But recently there was some analysis about this issue. And finally, these scientists have clarified that there is no that much difference of nutrient amount between frozen vegetables & fresh vegetables.

There is also such nutrients present in our edible vegetables that might destroyed for being cooked in high temperature.

Scientists also recommend cooking food covered.

So, keep these little information at mind and you are good to go with your frozen vegetables.


Food Myth 07: GM Food is harmful for health:

GM foods are usually available all over the international markets. It has passed the safety assessments and been approved by WHO (World Health Organization).

GMO foods are basically produced through “Recombinant Genetical Technology” or “Genetical Engineering”.

Although it sounds kind of challenging to add these foods in our daily diet. But it has been proved to have no health risk for human body. But still there is some scientists who don’t really agree with using GM food.

As these GM foods hasn’t shown any sign of causing harm in human body, it’s being harmful can still be considered as Myth.


Food Myth 8: Drinking Too much Water will solve all of health issue:

As I’ve already told before, excessive in take of anything, even if it’s a good thing will cause harm to your body.

The 65-70% of our body is water. Definitely water is the most important element for our body. It’s said that, you can survive without food for one week, but you can’t survive without water even 2 days. But you need to drink the amount of water your body needs.

Drinking excessive water will put too much pressure in your kidney. Sometimes it might not be able to purify the blood properly, which may lead to the sodium content in our body diluted. This situation is called “Hyponatremia”. This may even cause death.


Food Myth 9: Vegan Diet is the best diet:

In recent years I have seen more and more of my friends to turn into a vegan. According to them it’s the best diet to keep body healthy.

But this logic is completely wrong to me.

I am not saying it’s wrong. Vegan diet can reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. You get to eat more & more of vegetables & fruits as you cut off the meal from your diet. Here is a thing that, you also need substitute to fulfil your protein requirement.

But the truth is the you can’t get the same benefit just by adding a substitute of meat. Meats are rich in different nutrients which plants don’t have. On the other hand, Omnivorous diet contains both plants & meat which makes it much richer in nutrients.

So, you can’t really call this vegan diet as the best one, right?


Final Say:

Myths are everywhere but whether to follow it or not is up to you and me.



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